Observing the mitzvot: Volunteering

Anyone with a little time to spare is welcome to get involved in volunteering in our community.

In 2004 we established a volunteering scheme called Projekt Ehrenamt, which has since developed to become Zafta.

Today, we have 47 active men and women of all ages volunteering with us. Our work is divided into three key areas: Daily Help, Learning Support, and Culture and Creativity.

Daily Help is at hand to benefit elderly or infirm community members in a range of ways: around the home, by keeping them company, or by helping them take part in community life.

Learning Support currently comprises a German conversation course for community members looking to improve their language skills, and extra lessons for children and teens struggling at school.

Culture and Creativity is about literary readings, museum visits, dancing and sports. Our volunteers also organise cultural events for residents of the Jewish Centre for the Elderly.


Koordinatorin des Ehrenamtes
Bornheimer Landwehr 79b
60385 Frankfurt am Main

 069 / 40 56 01 25