Religious education from year 5 to A-level

Jeshurun is an approved school for Jewish religious studies as an alternative to ethics or RE lessons in state schools

Jeshurun offers religious study sessions for all children attending state schools from year five up to A-level. Lessons take place in the classrooms of the religious school, so pupils can benefit from the opportunity to meet other Jewish children of a similar age from different schools in the vicinity.

Pupils attending Jeshurun are exempt from Religious Education or ethics lessons at their regular schools. The Jeshurun School for Religious Studies is state-recognised, and grades awarded by teachers are recorded in the children’s school reports. Kids can also choose Judaism as an A-level subject. The examination is held in the peace and quiet of the I. E. Lichtigfeld School in the Philanthropin.

To register a child for the Jeshurun School, please go to the office or send an email or fax. The school also offers lessons for boys and girls preparing for their Bat or Bar Mitzvah.

Office hours

You can contact the office of the Jeshurun School for Religious Studies from Tuesdays to Thursdays, from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Alternatively, email at any time. 


Religionsschule JESCHURUN
Friedrichstraße 27
60323 Frankfurt am Main

 069 / 972 05 395
 069 / 247 09 685