Jewish Religious Education from Elementary School to High School Diploma (German Abitur)

Jeschurun-School offers state-approved Jewish Religious Education as an alternative to Ethics or other Religious Education at public schools.

Jewish students can choose Jewish Religious Education at Jeschurun-School as an alternative to Ethics or other Religious Education Programs at public schools. Jeschurun offers state-approved Jewish Religious Education according to the curriculum of the State of Hesse. Classes are held Monday through Thursday in the afternoon hours. The teaching language is German. Jeschurun is centrally located in the Frankfurt Westend. Our students benefit from the opportunity to meet other Jewish youth from various schools.

Grades achieved at Jeschurun are noted in the report cards of the public schools. If mandatory conditions are met, students may also choose Jewish Religion for their oral exams (viertes Prüfungsfach im Abitur) in the final high school exams.

Furthermore, Jeschurun offers a free Bar- and Bat-Mitzvah-Club for girls and boys in preparation for their Bat- or Bar-Mitzvah.

For members of the Frankfurt Jewish Community, Jeschurun is free of charge, except for extracurricular activities such as excursions or Shabbatonim.

Office hours

Enrollments are generally accepted via this registration form. The Jeschurun office is available during school time, Tuesday through Thursday from 01:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. or anytime by mail or e-mail to


Religionsschule JESCHURUN
Friedrichstraße 27
60323 Frankfurt am Main

 069 / 972 05 395
 069 / 247 09 685