Philosophy Salon

Launched in March 2018 by the Culture Department of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt, the Philosophy Salon is intended as a space for philosophical thought and discussions. It takes place three or four times a year.

The Philosophy Salontackles a range of universal and topical themes beyond the world of academic discourse and acts as a stimulus for intellectual life in Frankfurt. Leon Joskowitz welcomes guest speakers from various fields, including philosophy, literature and natural sciences, to talk about key topics of social importance, and to challenge and debate them.

Born in 1982, the young philosopher Leon Joskowitz is familiar to many from Philosophisch Dinieren, a discussion format held at the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art that sees guest speakers engage in philosophical discussions over dinner. In addition, Joskowitz provides a hospitality experience every year at the Frankfurt Book Fair that reflects the respective guest country. He also writes philosophical texts about food and cuisine. He is a co-founder and the face of the Philosophy Salon of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt.

Guests in 2022: Bernhard Kegel
Guests in 2021
: Markus Gabriel, Romy Jaster, Rebekka Hufendiek, Bernd Ladwig
Guests in 2020: Philipp Ruch, Klaus Vieweg, Julia Nida-Rümelin
Guests in 2019: Svenja Flaßpöhler, Eva von Redecker,
Guests in 2018: Raoul Schrott, Thea Dorn, Wolfram Eilenberger

The Philosophy Salon was first held in Villa Leonhardi in 2018, relocating to Villa 102 in August 2019. Its new home, the bourgeois villa in Bockenheimer Landstraße 102, a historical reminder of the history of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt. After its former residents emigrated in 1932, the villa was ‘aryanised’ by the City of Frankfurt and integrated into the National Socialists’ plans for the future. Having survived the bombings and after restitution, it was shaped by economic power and creativity. From 1990 to 2005 it was the home of the Literaturhaus (Literature House). Now the property of the KfW Banking Group, Villa 102 is a living cultural memorial and a platform for regional and global dialogue, organised by KfW and the KfW Foundation and involving stakeholders from society, business, politics and culture.